Sunday, March 1, 2009

new york ballet.

when i travel home to philly from boston i take a bus to new york city and then a train to trenton. while i was on the bus in nyc (and sitting in traffic!) we slowly passed lincoln center. part of it is under construction right now, so it seemed as though they had more posters and ads than normal, but i really noticed the black and white posters for the new york city ballet.

i couldn't find too many variations online, but there were quite a few different ones at lincoln center and they were all beautiful. i love black and white photography - it really allows you to look at the forms and not focus as much on colors/patterns. that idea sort of mimics ballet, where you aren't necessarily supposed to be focusing on the dancer as much as their movements and expressions. the posters are very simple, but that is another thing that i love in design. the designer does a really good job of using the counter form - something that can be difficult to do without making it feel too empty.

these posters and the nyc ballet logo are new this season. i honestly can't say that i have noticed what they have done in the past (so i really don't have much to compare it to) but i think that this approach is beautiful and clearly it made me notice it while i was extremely tired and sitting on an uncomfortable bus - so it must be working!

here is a link to the actual designer's website. it is really nice because they talk about the choices they made (which i found interesting to read) and also show more of their nyc ballet's new identity and collateral.

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