Saturday, March 21, 2009

book covers.

a little while ago i said that i would look more into some book cover designs - mainly because i had never really thought about that in the design world. i did some looking and i found some really good book covers (well at least ones that i thought were good).

there are so many out there - its crazy! i found a bunch done by old school designers, like paul rand - and i must say that a lot of the older book covers are getting credited as the best book designs ever. but i also found a bunch of modern book designs as well - there are just so many! i think it would be fun to design book covers, but i think it would be harder than it looks. with book cover design you have to have something to catch a person's attention or they might not even look at it, especially if they know nothing about the book. but at the same time you have to make sure that it properly relates or represents the book that you are trying to sell.

i found a website that listed some of the top book cover designs of 2007, and i am pretty sure that the majority of these are from that - but these are just some that i found fun/interesting. oh and i am sure i will be adding more book covers to my blog as i find them...they can be really neat!

one perfect day; designed by evan gaffney:

a general theory of love; designed by john gall:

small crimes in an age of abundance; designed by david drummond:

one red paperclip; designed by kyle kolker:

special orders; designed by jason booher

here is the website where i found the list - there are some other good ones on here too (and also some that i don't like), but take a look! there is also a large variety of book covers at the aiga design archives, located here.

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  1. these are cool and ironic considering you will be making a book cover for your internship ;-)