Friday, March 13, 2009


so there has been a request for me to post one of my other animations that i did, so i thought i would post a couple of my older animations.

the first one that i am posting is the first animation that i ever did from about about 3 years ago. we were asked to make 2 compositions based on a few objects that we were allowed to use. one composition was to carry the theme of 'brisk' and the other 'lethargic'. [i am trying to post these but it isn't i will work on sorry for now.]

personally, i like the brisk composition so much better. but the next step of the project was to create an animation out of one of these and there are at least 300 some objects in the brisk layout, so i figured for my first attempt at animating, it would be better to not have so many objects. so here is my first animation!
its funny looking back at that because those 30 seconds probably took me forever to create and not a whole lot is going on, and while it still takes me awhile to create 30 seconds of animation, i would probably be able to create that better and faster than i did before...but thats because i have more experience now!

the next animation is one that i did, about a year later, for a final project for one of my classes. this was something that i came up with on my own (we were allowed to pick the kind of thing we wanted to do). i always wanted to animate something to a piece of music - i think that comes from my love of choreography and it is a very similar idea. my inspiration came from john williams theme for catch me if you can (mainly because i loved the song, but you can see the actual title animations in a previous blog post - this isn't really the same kind of thing though). i had so much fun creating this! as with most of my past designs, there are definitely things i would go back and change because it feels pretty amateur, but i still really like it! [this is actually in the following post because it is a bigger file - i am having a of of problems with blogger today sorry!]

and now for just a little bit of bragging. they actually have this on my school's design website, which you can find here. i actually have a couple other things on there which you can find here (scroll through and it is the last one) and here (it is the second one about animal rights)!

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