Friday, March 27, 2009


it has been a longgggggg week, so i thought i would end it with something entertaining. i have seen this many times before, but we watched it in class again today and i thought it would be fun to show. the music video is completely made out of legos which is pretty sick. i can't image how long this would have taken - though watching it again and now knowing what i know about animating, i am sure the majority of it was done on a computer - but the idea of it is great.

i remember when my bro and i used to play with legos...that was always so much fun! i especially liked the little police station that we built...hahaha oh man...that was a long time ago.

anyway - back to the subject. i like how simple the colors are and how they aren't showing too much detail (which would be difficult anyway), though if you know the white stripes (thats who this music video is for) this looks exactly like them.

"fell in love with girl" by the white stripes - unfortunately i forget who the director is and sorry the video isn't the best quality...but its still fun...enjoy!

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