Tuesday, December 29, 2009


while wondering the internet i found these really clever sculptures? haha i don't really know what to call them - but they were fun to look through! i thought that these were the best of the set...
but there are quite a few more that you can see on christoph niemann's blog, abstract city.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

christmas cards. part two.

so...now that it is after the holidays (barely, i know...hahaha...but still) and i have been able to distribute all of my cards, i thought i would post all of my designs for christmas 2009!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

optimism. pessimism.

i saw these posters on another blog recently and found them delightful! they are so simple, but completely display the point they are trying to make. and i love them! i think they would look great as a set!

here is the link to the studio page where you can buy these posters (except that currently they happen to be all sold out - but you can at least get more info about the posters)!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


i thought this ad was pretty clever.
this is where i found it!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

united plates of america.

i found these illustrations while once again looking through magazines at barnes and noble - i don't care if you are judging. these illustrations by john holcomb were featured in the food network magazine. i just thought that they were really fun to look through. he created an illustration of each state using foods that looked like each state.

some of the illustrations i find to be a little bit of a stretch, but for the most part i think they are really clever. there are 50 (well 51 including a title poster) but i have selected a few of my favorite below:

you can see the whole collection of state plates here.

Monday, December 14, 2009


i think most people who know me would say that i am not a fan of area rugs...especially ones with flowers all over them. but when i saw these rugs i fell in love.

these rugs are designed by amy butler and completely handmade. i think what i enjoy about these - besides the beautiful color combinations - is how modern and abstract they are. from the photos on her website, it looks as though the designs are slightly raised from the background - which is a great detail.

how great would these look in a modern room??

i only wish i could afford them (they are rather pricy) - but maybe someday! oh and one thing i like about the website is that she has a small description about each rug...like what kind of flower or where the inspiration came from...plus you can see her other rugs (my favorite is the bright buds) and more images - check out more of the rugs here!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

flags o' food.

i have found a new website that features a lot of great advertisements from around the world. so you will probably be seeing more ads from me for a little while :)

while browsing the website, i found this campaign for the sydney international food festival - done by the whybin/tbwa advertising agency in australia. while i feel like the concept is somewhat predictable - using flags to communicate the festival's worldly-ness - it is executed beautifully. you can tell that there was a lot of research done to find the foods that best fit with each country's "flavor" and then made it work as the flag! i really like the simplicity of the campaign - very memorable.

these are my three favorite (an just in case you weren't sure - these countries are lebanon, vietnam, and greece) and also just a few of the ones that they have. you can see the rest of the campaign here.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


because of my recent addiction to magazines, i have found a lot of great ads (and believe me i have also found a bunch of horrible ads as well - but never-mind that).

i actually saw this ad back at the beginning of september and thought it was a wonderful idea - especially the first one i have below because it fit perfectly with the season. the ad is for valspar paint and i find it very refreshing to see a different approach to advertising for paint that just showing a room full of colors. that can be rather bland!

the only one in this series that i hadn't seen before tonight was the starfish and it is actually the only one i have a problem with. i think what makes the other ones and the tagline work so well is that these are colors of things you see everyday around you. i don't know about you, but when i think of starfish i do not think of purple - at least not that purple.

but other than that - i love the concept! and just in case you can't read the tagline - it says; "now the colors of life can last a lifetime".

These ads were done by Euro RSCG ad agency and you can see larger versions of the ads here.

christmas cards.

its that time of year again - - for christmas cards!

i was asked to make cards for a few different people, plus i made a bunch for myself this year - probably a total of between 60 and 70 cards. making christmas cards are my favorite mainly because i like having a specific purpose for making a card - plus i always find tons of really great christmas supplies!

i will post the rest of them after the holidays...but for now this is a sneak peak!