Wednesday, May 20, 2009

spring time.

just some spring photos that i took today because it was such a beautiful day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

jen stark.

so once again i have found another paper artist that i love - jen stark. but the thing about her is that she does these crazy (and time consuming) 3d sculptures made of stacks of colored paper and they are just so different from anything i have seen before. the first one below is my absolute favorite (i have it both zoomed in and the full sculpture).

here is a link to her website and her sculpture page where you can see a lot more of her work, plus more up-close pictures!

Friday, May 8, 2009


this is a fun photo that i found...i personally love macs (and just recently got one too!!) and the symbol is just so recognizable in any you can see below!

here is a link to the album i found it in on flickr.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


so this honestly doesn't have a whole lot to do with design - but i love it so i am posting it anyway! this video is so sweet and beautifully put together! the story is adorable, but i also love how you can tell every single feeling the character is feeling and he doesn't speak one word through the whole thing.

just a warning i's about 12 minutes long, so make sure you have enough time..because once i started it...i didn't want to stop. enjoy!

the original video i posted got removed from the website it was on, but i was able to find it on youtube...unfortunately the video above is somewhat cut off - so if you want to view it in higher here.


as i think i have said before...i love when people play around with the alphabet and type...and i have found another good example. this designer decided to make a "font" by using his large tie collection. its such a great idea, especially when he incorporates an actual knotted tie to create the y - plus the title of his work is pretty clever if you ask me!

this "font" was created by ed nacional and you can see more/better pictures of his work here!

Monday, May 4, 2009


this is such a great idea...and an awesome way to waste some time...and well money since post-it notes are pretty expensive! hahahaha...but i love this - lots of fun!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

rainy scenes.

to go along with this endless rainy weather we are having...i found an artist who does some beautiful rainy scenes. it seems that the artist, leonid afremov, used the rain for the reflection of color in the streets, very much like they do with movies that take place at night. the things that i love about these paintings are their brushstrokes and huge array of colors (his use of color is amazing). because of those two things, it seems that this artist was most likely influenced by impressionism, which is one of my favorite movements and is also most likely why i love these paintings so much.

here is a link to his etsy store...he has a ton more paintings posted on there - these are only a dew of my favorites.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


just a little letter inspiration for the day...the best letter of the alphabet..."m"! i guess i am a little biased since it is the first letter in my name, but whatever i still like it. i found a great photo stream on flickr that features a ton of pictures of only the letter "m" - the majority of the photos in this mosaic are from that and you can view it here. i think it would be really fun to go around and photograph just one letter every time you saw one. that is something i might try this summer...i definitely want to do more photography this summer - and i am excited to play around with an old school AMAZING camera my grandfather gave me! when i take some photos, i will definitely try to scan them and post them - well as long as they turn out alright!

monsieur & mademoiselle.

i am in love with these prints. honestly i don't even really know what it is that makes me like them so much, but they are really cute as a set!

even though they are about rain, they are very peaceful and fun images. i really like the colored rain - they just make me happy to look at!
the artist, blanca gomez, also has some more prints that use very similar characters, but they focus around balloons/bubbles. you can see them all here!

Friday, May 1, 2009

paper cuts.

i really enjoy special projects made out of paper (also see this previous post)...and i found another artist who does some really neat stuff with it.

she mainly does typographic cut outs (like the first image i have below), but i actually enjoy the images she does better, especially the one she did of a french chalet - though they are all pretty incredible. this must require a great deal of patience and precision...i know i have had a lot of trouble with exacto knives in the past. sometimes they can be really helpful and other times they completely mess up my project (i mean that just might be that i have trouble using them...but i think it is also the knife!). this must take a lot of planning because i would be so scared of messing up...but i think the end result is beautiful.

these are all made by julene and here is a link to her website - there aren't too many projects posted because i am sure they take forever to do! but hopefully she will post some more in the future because they are really neat.