Wednesday, March 25, 2009


i found these pictures when i was looking through flickr for some yellow inspiration (a previous post) and i thought they were amazing. i really like the simplicity of the white background and bold colors of the fabric. i wish there were more with the girl dancing around because it makes the fabric and color so lively.

the red one kind of messes with my mind a little, because it doesn't look like she is standing on anything and the fabric continues down below her feet. one of the comments on this photo was that it looks like paint from a brush dispersing in water and i completely agree. especially at the bottom where you can start to see through the fabric. i personally don't like the last image here as much - mainly because it isn't as simple and there isn't a clear bold color to focus on. but overall these are a nice little collection of photos. enjoy!

here is a link to their flickr website. unfortunately, there aren't any more photos like this, though i wish there were because these are beautiful.

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  1. These fabrics do look exactly like paint in water, but I would have to say the 4th is my least favorite but all very cool overall!