Sunday, March 29, 2009


since it is so incredible gross outside today, i thought that i would use it as inspiration. these are some pictures that i found on flickr that i enjoyed (and obviously fit with the subject).

umbrellas are kind of unusually beautiful and something that normally wouldn't be thought of that way. i always enjoy trying to look at things differently, and i feel that some of these photos really do that and it is interesting to look at.

1. it's raining here without you 2. red 3. hiroshima 4. hbw 5. under the umbrella 6. beach 7. street 8. rain drops 9. pink 10. umbrella in the rain? 11. lightnings 12. friday market 13. ella and her umbrella 14. blue umbrella 15. my beautiful umbrella 16. red umbrellas

*this coming week will be a super busy one for me, so the posts might be quite limited, but i will try to get some up for you*

1 comment:

  1. 1. I totally saw a Chinese umbrellaish looking real rain umbrella on Sunday in the City
    2. I like your mosaic displays, may need to steal the idea.
    3. Good luck with your quiz and interview!