Sunday, March 15, 2009


i thought this was pretty neat. as i have said before, i love playing around with type so this would be fun to do sometime.

students at a school were each given a specific letter and had to find/use something to create that letter. and then they combined them together to create images for a book. i really like the 'm' - it is very clever.

these images were posted by the person who created the letter 'e' and he said that the reason he chose to create just the outline was so that the letter would take on the color it was placed on. i think this idea is best displayed in the 'enjoy' one because while the background is can see the confetti through it as well and that just adds to the idea of the picture.

here is a link to the website...i wish i could see more versions with more of the letters!

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  1. I love this style, just getting to check out you latest updates as of now...this is similar to my most current post about mixed media.