Wednesday, March 31, 2010

pulley lamps.

this is such a great idea...i know that people use their kitchen tables for a lot of different things - so it would be nice to have adjustable lighting! very nice.
you can see more photos of this and purchase it here.

abc cups.

i just thought these were fun!
there are more images over on their website...andddd a video that is so completely cheesy that it is almost worth it to watch it!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

game over.

being a huge fan of super mario brothers - i find this sculpture interpretation awesome!

this is a polish artist's (kordian lewandowski) nintendo interpretation of michelangelo's pieta! i think it is great and i like the title of the piece: game over!
if you would like, this is where i found this and you can read the original here!

brand quiz.

this was fun - but i didn't do as well as i thought i would! take the quiz!

Monday, March 29, 2010

wedding colors.

i thought this was something that could be pretty helpful - this wedding website comes up with different color swatches as ideas for your wedding and then provides different areas of inspiration to go along with those colors! its a good idea -

these are just a couple of my favorites - there are plenty more over on their blog here.


these are such great ideas to add some flavor to your walls! these are especially good ideas for rental places where you aren't allowed to paint...i will definitely try this if i am ever in that situation!

this first idea uses contact paper and you can see the exact details of how to do it here!
this second idea is my is very subtle! for this one they used japanese masking tape - which comes in millions of colors and even patterns! i saw how to do this here!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

brent couchman.

i came across these wonderful brent couchman illustrations the other day. i love his use of color combinations and his style of illustrating. he does a lot of work for fossil, though i didn't include much of the work he did for them, because i actually like his personal work better.
you can check out his website and more of his work here.

color challenge.

i decided to enter another color challenge this week! here are the colors for this challenge:
you can see the other entries here!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

complicated people.

i love the different illustrations and sayings she has on each of these cards - and i think the title of her shop is perfect: complicated cards for complicated people. definitely makes sense with these cards!

check out her etsy shop!

calling cards.

i entered in a chance to win these the other day - unfortunately i did not because these are such a great idea for personalized stationary and calling cards! they make a personalized portrait illustration of you to include on all of the cards - i would love a set of these!
you can buy them here...they also have lots of other fun stationary as well!

Friday, March 26, 2010


now here is something else that i normally don't like - but i am in LOVE with this wallpaper. i like the idea of having modern wallpaper as an accent on like one wall - especially if it is pretty busy like this one!
this is from studio nommo - they have some pretty sweet wallpapers.

the great outdoors.

i love the style of these photographs - they were all taken by maria, a photographer from sweden. my favorite part of these is the unique angles that she takes on the subjects - photographs with interesting perspectives are my favorite! plus i love the feeling of her style...i don't know how else to describe it!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


i made a card this week that i was able to use for two different occasions! i originally made it as a birthday card, but i really liked the design and i had a need for another card - so i was able to adapt it for a thinking of you card!

six feet under.

this is such a perfect design for the six season dvd set of six feet under. i love the fake grass and tombstone on top!
unfortunately i am unaware of who designed this...but i think it is sick! they also had wonderfully designed opening credits for the show (i love the music) - we talked about them in my time based design class last year - so i thought i would show them as well: