Wednesday, February 25, 2009

max huber.

on the side bar (on the right) i have some of my favorite designers listed. as of right now that is a pretty small list because i just quickly wrote down my favorites - but eventually more will be added. anyway, i thought that i might do a post about each of the designers listed just so everyone can see why i like them so much!

the first designer that i am going to show is max huber. i owe my love of this designer to my professor j.k. since i was first introduced to him in my history of graphic design class. the main things that huber is known for are his designs for the famous italian car races (which are absolutely amazing) and the italian clothing company la Rinascente. i love the colors that he uses and his combination of shapes and images. one of the things that i find really amazing is that his logo for la Rinascente still looks very modern, even though it was created in 1950 (and is still used today). i think that definitely shows the quality of a designers work when it can stand the test of time.

i am using max huber as the subject for my animation project, so you will see more of him later. i had a really hard time finding images online and i am surprised by that, since he is pretty well known. since we had to have high res images for the animation projects i wasn't able to use any from online. i ended up having to go to the boston public library to find his book - which is really good by the way, but i am not willing to spend $80 on a book just to get the images for my class. but explain something to me. the library has a pretty large selection of art books thatttt you aren't allowed to take out of the library and they don't have scanners. so how are you supposed to use these books as a image resource? anyway just some of my thoughts...

these are just a few of the many that i love, but the do a good job representing the overall style of his work. the first one is my absolute favorite:

as i said, i haven't found a good website of his work - which is why i had to go take pictures of a book. but here is a link to his museum's website which is in switzerland. i think* that is would be cool to go, but from the website it is hard to tell if it is mainly his work or just a design museum that was founded by max huber - and i would prefer to see the first.

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  1. Thanks this was useful. I'm doing a project based on Max Huber right now and it is crazy hard to find images and information. You seem to already have noticed that.

    PS I'm pretty sure the museum in Switzerland was founded in his honor but I don't think they display his work exclusively, if it all.