Monday, March 16, 2009

on the road.

i found this the other day when i found the alphabet images from my previous entry. i have never really thought about book cover design, mainly because there are a lot of bad book covers out there and so i usually don't pay attention to them. but i thought that this one was great. it is designed by jez burrows. i like the combination of the type and image and the images used make perfect sense with the subject of the book. its a pretty simple idea, but executed very well.
i will have to look for more good book covers - this one has sparked my interest.

here is the link to the webpage where i found this. the website shows the work of 4 different designers and there is some pretty neat stuff on there. there is also more work by this designer and i like some of it and i don't like some of it - but if you want to see for yourself this is the link to the overall website.

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