Sunday, March 22, 2009


yulia brodskaya makes these amazing pieces and they are some of the most creative things that i have seen recently. they are all made entirely out of paper, mostly out of those strips that you can buy at the craft stores (i think this is called quilling). i would love to learn how to do this. i sometimes like working on things that are real tedious like this, i just feel i would have a hard time getting each letter as perfect as she does! but it is definitely something to look into.

i think the reason i enjoy them so much is because it is something that you rarely see. i have seen images like this making flowers and such, but not really any that make up words. my favorite is celebrate mainly because of the intricate work inside each letter, but also because of the beautiful colors (i wish i could find a better, closer picture - but this is the best that i got)! i also really enjoy the bon appetite, because the colors are so simple that it makes the image so beautiful! but all of these are really amazing.

you would have to have serious patience to make these! here is a link to more of her work. there are lots of other good ones on her website as well - i really like the one for london.

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