Friday, March 20, 2009

marzipan creatures.

marzipan has never ever sounded or looked appealing to me. especially when they make those little fruits and vegetables that are glossy and they look like wax - thats not really what i look for when i want a treat. but these little creatures are adorable! (though it still doesn't really make me want to eat it - so i guess i will never really like marzipan...but anyway)

i found these little creatures on this fake bakery's website - i still don't know how i got there - and i thought they were really cute! i read on the website that these three people decided to create a "fake" bakery for an art show and also to bring their illustrations to life. i really like the colors that they use and how they used them for each character. and i just love the expression on each characters face because they are all so different.

i think my favorites are the first and second pictures - i love the lady and her little skirt and the man is cute too with his little tie!

here is a link to the "bakery's" website. besides these treats looking absolutely adorable, their designs for the bakery are really nice as well! I love their style!

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