Saturday, February 14, 2009


since i finished my blog of my study abroad adventures, i realized that i have had the desire to do it again. it is actually quite enjoyable to share my thoughts, despite my hateful relationship with writing. but i came up with a compromise. i want to share my love of design.

this said, instead of mainly writing, i will be sharing interesting projects and ideas that are either mine or ones that i have come across online. i thought this might be a good idea for myself mainly to help to keep me up on design stuff. while i work with it every single day, i don't necessarily go searching for different designs etc. so if i try to find new things to post about i feel it will help keep me updated and connected to my field of work!

so we will see how this goes. i am pretty busy right now - saying that i thought of doing this while procrastinating from creating a new portfolio - its not that i don't want to work on it, there are just too many decisions to make. but anyway hopefully i can keep up with my entries.

to start, i want to share something that my friend m.s. passed along to me. after interning at a large corporate graphic design company this past semester, this is definitely something i can understand and appreciate. enjoy!

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