Tuesday, February 17, 2009

movie titles.

i always thought that is would be so great to design the opening title sequences to movies. now i have no idea how you get into that kind of work and i would definitely have to improve my animation skills - but it is a dream of mine to one day do this for a movie...even if it is just one.

i have always been really interested in this, but the first time i became extremely inspired by it was with the opening titles of catch me if you can. i think that these opening credits are absolutely beautiful and are very creative and well done. i think it also helps that i absolutely love john william's theme - it provided great inspiration.

after seeing this, it made me look more closely at movie titles. there are so many out there that are really well done. so below i have posted some of my favorites - even though i could post a lot more, this is just a taste at some of the ones i find really good! enjoy!

this website has a lot of really good titles, with some of my other favorites including north by northwest, stranger than fiction (i love how they attach the type to his actions), and thank you for smoking.

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