Friday, February 20, 2009


man its been a long week.

currently i am taking an animation class. and while i absolutely love it, i also hate it at the same time. i have so much fun creating different things and working on each detail on the timeline. but it is also very frustrating because it takes me about 4 hours to animate 15 seconds. i don't know if i am just slow at it or it takes everyone that long but i just feel as though i never accomplish as much as i want.

plus it doesn't help that i have to go to the lab whenever i want to work on it and the lab hours are NOT at convenient times for me. i just recently bought adobe cs4 (!!) and i was excited because i figured we would be using flash - which i already knew and now had on my laptop. but what are we using...adobe aftereffects...uhhgggg. i am always happy to learn new programs - especially design ones - but it is just frustrating because i can't work on things when i want to.

our current project isn't due for a couple weeks...but i only have about 20 seconds of at least 90 seconds. sooo when i am done i will post it but you will have to wait a little bit longer!

anyway...i came across these little woolie creatures when i was looking at some graphic design portfolios online. i still don't quite understand how these are made...but they are kind of a creepy cute! this first one is my favorite.

Meg Hunt created these (she is mainly an illustrator but created these for fun) and here is a link to a few more pictures on her website.

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