Saturday, February 21, 2009

city neighborhoods.

so these are just some fun things that i found to amuse myself for the afternoon - i was looking online for some typography inspiration and i found these.

typography is one of my favorite things in design and i am usually impressed by people who really know how to use it. thats why i found these city neighborhood maps really interesting. i like the idea of using type to create/fill an image. and they did a really nice job of doing that with these. its really fun if you know the cities to find where certain things are in the text - so i had fun playing around with that in the boston, manhattan (which i don't have posted but there is a link below) and d.c. maps.

these posters were created by ork inc. and here is the link to the original website - they have other cities as well. of course when i first found it i was all excited because they had philly listed. buttt when i clicked on it of course it said that they are currently working on it. but they are still really cool besides that small detail!

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