Monday, February 23, 2009

early riser.

so it just occurred to me that the other day that when i was discussing my animation class i forgot about an assignment we had already completed. so i thought i would post that to show some more of my own work.

for the assignment we had to pick a sentence from a list our teacher gave us. i decided to pick the sentence about early risers because i had an idea for it...but then later realized that i picked the longest sentence possible from the list and that probably wasn't the best idea since the animation was only supposed to be 15 to 30 seconds - but my teacher told me mine could be longer because there was no way i was going to fit all of my sentence in 15 seconds! but anyway here it is:

overall i like my concept with the old fashioned clock (and i think the clock part turned out great!). but looking back animating each flip of the clock took an extremely long period of time to get all the layers in the correct order. so i just wish i had spent more time on the placement and animation of the other text because i definitely don't feel like they are as good as they could have been. but as you have probably seen...i can't spend as much time in the lab as i wish i was able to, so that played a role in it. and it is also hard to make sure the timing is correct when you have looked at the same sentence probably about a hundred times!

but i am pretty happy with how this turned out - i mean there are always things that can be tweaked and in the future i might spend time doing that eventually - if i ever get the chance!

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