Tuesday, February 24, 2009

fire poi typography.

i found these on flickr the other day. i think these letters look so neat! as you will see below my friend m.s. and i tried to spell things while playing with sparklers last sumer - but they didn't turn out nearly as clear as these!

on the website they called this fire poi typography and i don't know if that is a made up name or not...but it is such a clever idea. i can't even imagine how long it would have taken to get each letter correct and photographed. and whatever they used to create the flame was definitely much larger than a teeny tiny sparkler!

i love typography and fonts, so it is really interesting to find different ways of creating letter forms and this is one of my favorites - i am sure it is partially because i am somewhat of a pyromaniac - but besides that i still really enjoy these!

this is actually one of me playing with the sparklers - i was trying to spell my whole name but i only really got the "m" and a partial "o", but i really like the style of this "m". when i was thinking about creating a logo for myself i thought about using this stylized letter as my logo...unfortunately the translation from image to graphic just didn't work out.

this is our horrible attempt to spell love - we thought it would be easy but to retrace your lines exactly while doing different movements with each hand is a little complicated...and m.s. had a pretty hard time with that "e" there on the end!

here is the website - you can look at each letter individually, but i thought it looked neater to show the whole alphabet!

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  1. These are really cool! We had fun attempting it lol!