Sunday, February 28, 2010

united states of animals

i was doing some research for one of my classes this semester for another campaign we have to do...ugh. can i just say i really wish teachers would come up with more creative projects that telling us to promote a campaign for something because i have just about had enough with all of these stupid campaigns. anyway, i am working on a project for animal adoption and i was on the humane society of the united states website. i had seen their logo before, but forgot how much i really liked it.
i think it is great how they use all of the animals to create the outline of the u.s. and also that these animals are not detailed, but just silhouettes. that makes the logo so easy to read from far away - it is so clear s to what it is. as you probably know by now, i am a big fan of simplicity...and i love the outcome of this! i actually found a website that was talking about the redesign that they did recently - which resulted in the making of this!
i find the original one extremely boring and in no way relates to what the society is all about. someone left a comment on the website i mentioned saying the original one looked like a government type logo and i totally agree.

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