Tuesday, February 23, 2010


so again...i have been watching a lot of the olympics hahaha which is why this post will again be about the olympics! when i first saw the medals for this year i wasn't sure how i felt. i thought they were honestly kind of weird looking from the pictures i saw. but when i saw them "in person" and by that i mean on tv i actually thought they were pretty neat...i like how they are curved very distinctive! i read somewhere that the curves and design are supposed to represent the waves of the ocean...i don't know but i still like them. hahaha
it is always interesting to see what medal designs they come up with...one medal design in recent years that i really didn't like was the beijing medal...the main reason being that i felt the blobs of color on them made it hard to distinguish between gold, silver, and bronze because they didn't look like those colors:
my absolute favorite medal design is from the 2006 torino winter games. i also loved the overall look of the games...their ads and logos i thought were beautiful. but i loved that the medals were donut shaped with the ribbon being knotted around the medal - something very different and unusual for medals. i also LOVED how each medal was also customized with the sport that they won in...i thought that was a nice extra touch!
i hate this last image...but it was the only one that i could find that clearly showed the distinct sport on the back - my favorite part! again i really like the overall design of the torino games...i might be a little biased because i visited torino while i was studying abroad and thought it was the most beautiful city...i would love to live there! but anyway...you should definitely check out more of the designs from the torino olympics - click here! LOVE IT!

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