Wednesday, March 3, 2010

meet the grains.

so i FINALLY got a chance to go visit b&n again with my friend ms! we always have a great time looking through magazines and books for ideas - and i have a few new things that i will be sharing with you in the upcoming week.

one of the magazines we both looked through was everyday with rachel ray. i am not a huge fan of her...i used to like some of her cooking shows, but she has gotten a little too crazy for me! but she has some great ideas, recipes, and articles in her magazine. the page i have pictured below is one of the "articles" they had - i say it in quotations because it was only one page long and not really an article...but you get the point. but anyway...i thought the idea behind this was great - it is like an old school family album! the title is meet the grains and below they have 6 head shot silhouettes made out of the specific grains! and then they have a little "character" paragraph that talks about each grain and their benefits! veryyyyyy clever!

(one of these pictures were taken with my sorry about the quality...i also found the article online which i will link too, but online it isn't laid out nicely like this so i thought i should include my images anyway!)

here is one of the little paragraphs on mr. millet:

okay, he's not the sexiest grain. (he is, after all, found in birdseed.) but we think of him as the strong and silent type. you don't notice him because he's too busy enhancing the great flavors he's cooked with. slip him into mac 'n' cheese for an antioxidant boost.

you can read the rest of them here!

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