Thursday, February 4, 2010

dirty laundry.

i think that these ads are great! i love how they used the dirty/grungy laundry to create old monuments - i think the underwear is the best...hahaha! these ads were created by the leo burnett advertising agency from frankfurt, germany.

can you tell what the three monuments are? the only one i had a hard time with was the third image of the series and after knowing what it is i can see it, but it definitely wasn't as clear as the other ones! i found these images here (this website, ads of the world, has a lot of great stuff and i have gotten a lot of post ideas from there!)

and for those of you who are curious about the different monuments, here you go -------> the first one is stonehenge, the second is pont avignon, and the third is the akropolis (see what i mean - i definitely don't see that as much as the others, but i still really enjoy the campaign).

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