Sunday, February 21, 2010

team great britain.

i have been watching a lot of the olympics - i find that it is the perfect thing to have on in the background while i work on design stuff! the one sport i really got into during this olympics is curling! haha who knew it was so addicting??? for some reason i thought it was played really differently than it actually is so it isn't boring like i thought. hahaha but anyway, i was watching the u.s. women play great britain the the other day (the u.s. won!!) and i really really liked the great britain's jackets. i wasn't able to find an image of this online anywhere - but i have been a fan of their logo for a long time so i thought i would share that with you.
i love how the british flag has been incorporated into the lion's head! i feel like it is a very "fierce" logo and i love the way it has been stylized. it actually took me awhile to find a good image of this online, so i unfortunately have no idea who designed this. i just wish they had created something as nice as this for the upcoming london olympics...hahaha but that is a completely different story.

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