Tuesday, March 23, 2010

oh joy!

i have really been finding some great design blogs to read recently. i don't even know how i came across this one, but i love the variety of things she posts on her site! the name of the blog is oh joy! and it is by a graphic designer. one thing i love that she posts pretty regularly are this and that posts. they include 2 images of things that have some similar design feature. i love them and as you will see below she has a lot of them! i just think it is a neat idea and i thought i would share! she says for each post, wear this and decorate with that:
there are a lot more so make sure you check out her blog...there are actually two, one is this design blog that i just mentioned and the other is one all about food!

1 comment:

  1. Very cool. Some I think the connection is a little far fetched but for the most part they are right on. I like this idea!