Monday, March 8, 2010

caribou coffee.

just last week i was reading an article about caribou coffee and their brand redesign as well as the fact that they are the second largest coffee chain nationally behind starbucks. i was really surprised because i had NEVER heard of caribou coffee...but while in d.c. this weekend, i actually saw one and stopped for a drink. now i don't like coffee - hahaha - but the iced tea i had was good! but i thought i would share some images of the redesign with you:

i actually don't entirely love it. i really love what they did with typography - that definitely needed a facelift. but i don't like what they did with the caribou at all. in the article it said the body is supposed to be a coffee bean - which i see now, but definitely not until they said it. and the antlers are in the shape of a 'c' to reflect the company name. the caribou and the typography in the redesign seem to me like two different styles - i just don't really see the connection. i wish they modified the old caribou some to fit with the new typography - or at least made a combo of the old and new. i am just not feeling the new caribou.

you can read the article about the rebranding here.

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