Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the bahamas.

i have talked about this kind of thing before...but another "country" logo that i absolutely love is the bahamas:
i know that these shapes were used to represent the different islands of the bahamas - and i think it is done beautifully. the light colors and feeling of this logo relate directly with what i think of when i think about the islands. and the designers were able to create a pattern that they carried over into other marketing collateral!
another interesting thing is that they also designed symbols that could be used on the islands for tourism and stuff like that. i think that this helps to complete the branding and it shows that all details were thought of!
my only complaint with their branding is that on some of their marketing collateral they use the island pattern a little too much. for the most part they don't, but here is one example where i feel that they do:
this branding was designed by duffy & partners. they have a great slideshow of pictures on their website that show a bunch of different marketing pieces - so i would definitely take a look!

and i also just went to the bahamas website and you can see the branding in place. i also like how when you first open the website there is a short animation of the logo - which goes from the logo to the actual islands. check it out!

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  1. Agreed, I have always loved the branding for the Bahamas