Tuesday, January 19, 2010

stretch bag.

i really like the idea of recycling...i may not be as hard core about it as some people...but i try to do what i can. this bag is one of the coolest ways that i have ever seen something recycled!
the bags are made of old vinyl billboard signs. i honestly never really thought about what happened to old billboard signs...so i find this such a great idea! these bags are die cut out of the vinyl and lay flat but when you lift up the handles it creates a large bag that they say can hold up to 33 pounds! i guess you just have to make sure you don't put anything too small inside or is might fall out!
i really like all the different colors that they have...you don't really get to choose but from the images above, any of those colors would work for me! you can order this bag at this website - i am definitely planning on getting one for myself!

1 comment:

  1. VERY clever. I have actually seen bags like these, but they were made of woven strings. And, they do hold a lot it is amazing. But yea these seem worth getting. They are fun looking too!