Wednesday, January 6, 2010


i saw these ads all over the christmas food magazines i looked through this winter. i just thought that they were interesting for two reasons: one - i have never seen avocados advertised before and two - i love how they played around with the shape of the avocado to make their point. the first two are my favorites (the light bulb and the exclamation point) - i saw a few others that were similar to the third ad below, using slices of avocados, but i wasn't able to get a photo.
the tag line on this one reads: vitamins, minerals, & great ideas.
the tag line on this one reads: your recommended daily allowance of WOW!
the tag line on this one reads: cut out saturated fats, not flavor

and i apologize for the bad pictures - hopefully you can get the idea from these photos...these were taken with the camera on my cell phone and it was hard to make everything fit as well as getting the photo to not be blurry! i was hoping to find some good images online...but none were to be found!

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