Monday, January 11, 2010

drop cap a day.

hese fancy drop cap letters are so beautiful! now this kind of thing wouldn't normally be something that i would be drawn to...but each letter is just so different and intricate it is just hard not to be impressed by it - especially since all of these are done in illustrator with out any scanning!

i actually found these when i was looking for new fonts for my identity package i am working on...more about that in a bit...but these designs are by jessica hische - who actually calls herself a typographer and illustrator. she had an idea to create a different drop cap letter (like the 'T' i have included above) for each day and has been working on this since september '09.  i really wish that i could make type as beautifully as she does! these below are just a sampling of all of the letters she has done and also just a couple of my favorites:
here is the link to her website/blog, but you can also view each new addition to her drop cap a day here. you should definitely check out all the different things she has on the website - between the typography and the illustrations i could spend all day looking at her stuff...these being some of my favs: boston and spca!

but back to the reason i came across all of this! i will be graduating this may (woo!) which leads to the fact that i will need to be getting myself a job...which also leads to the fact that i need to update and rework my resume and portfolio. overall i really like the layout of both but two things have been bothering me: 1. the fonts and 2. my somewhat non-existant logo. so today i started trying to figure out what new fonts i wanted and i found the two perfect fonts! while you would think i would be excited...i am not because in order to have these two fonts it would cost me at least $400...and that would only be for part of the complete set of the fonts...grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

this is something that drives me absolutely insane! i understand the amount of time and talent it requires to create such amazing fonts - and these two fonts would be perfect - but it is so unaffordable for the average person. some websites let you buy a couple versions of the font for a good price...but the website where i found these [Hoefler & Frere-Jones - who have some amazing fonts btw] only lets you buy them in sets...and the prices range from about $150-$400. so anyway that is just something that was on my mind today! but once i get my redesigns done (which might not be for a little while) i will definitely post them for everyone to see!

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