Monday, December 14, 2009


i think most people who know me would say that i am not a fan of area rugs...especially ones with flowers all over them. but when i saw these rugs i fell in love.

these rugs are designed by amy butler and completely handmade. i think what i enjoy about these - besides the beautiful color combinations - is how modern and abstract they are. from the photos on her website, it looks as though the designs are slightly raised from the background - which is a great detail.

how great would these look in a modern room??

i only wish i could afford them (they are rather pricy) - but maybe someday! oh and one thing i like about the website is that she has a small description about each what kind of flower or where the inspiration came you can see her other rugs (my favorite is the bright buds) and more images - check out more of the rugs here!

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