Saturday, December 12, 2009


because of my recent addiction to magazines, i have found a lot of great ads (and believe me i have also found a bunch of horrible ads as well - but never-mind that).

i actually saw this ad back at the beginning of september and thought it was a wonderful idea - especially the first one i have below because it fit perfectly with the season. the ad is for valspar paint and i find it very refreshing to see a different approach to advertising for paint that just showing a room full of colors. that can be rather bland!

the only one in this series that i hadn't seen before tonight was the starfish and it is actually the only one i have a problem with. i think what makes the other ones and the tagline work so well is that these are colors of things you see everyday around you. i don't know about you, but when i think of starfish i do not think of purple - at least not that purple.

but other than that - i love the concept! and just in case you can't read the tagline - it says; "now the colors of life can last a lifetime".

These ads were done by Euro RSCG ad agency and you can see larger versions of the ads here.

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