Sunday, December 13, 2009

flags o' food.

i have found a new website that features a lot of great advertisements from around the world. so you will probably be seeing more ads from me for a little while :)

while browsing the website, i found this campaign for the sydney international food festival - done by the whybin/tbwa advertising agency in australia. while i feel like the concept is somewhat predictable - using flags to communicate the festival's worldly-ness - it is executed beautifully. you can tell that there was a lot of research done to find the foods that best fit with each country's "flavor" and then made it work as the flag! i really like the simplicity of the campaign - very memorable.

these are my three favorite (an just in case you weren't sure - these countries are lebanon, vietnam, and greece) and also just a few of the ones that they have. you can see the rest of the campaign here.

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