Thursday, December 10, 2009

christmas wreaths.

i have been finding so many good designs recently, i thought i better start sharing again!

i love getting ready for the holiday season! my friend ms and i have recently been going to barnes and noble to sit and look through magazines for holiday recipes and crafts...they are just too expensive to buy every one that i want to read! so while i feel somewhat guilty about it i have also found it very relaxing and that it also fills my head with design and craft ideas.

while i was there earlier tonight, i came across the food network magazine - something i didn't realize they had - just to look for some recipes for the holidays. But as I was looking though, i found a bunch of great ideas - and not just for food! i thought these wreath ideas were wonderful! i sometimes get extremely tired of the same old thing, so it is nice to find a new take on an old tradition!

i am torn between the rock candy and marshmallow wreaths as my favorite...

i was able to find the article online at the food network magazine website here. it includes instructions on how to make each of these.

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