Friday, January 14, 2011


my father spent a lot of time in his workshop this past fall and i had been wondering and wondering what he had been working on - since no one was allowed in! it turns out he was working on a lot of amazing christmas presents which i thought i would share!
this is a beautiful bowl that he carved for me out of tiger maple (which looks even cooler in person) - he also made another one for my mom! it is so is hard to believe that it was carved!
this is something i have been asking for for a long time! my dad made a few of these many years ago and i had wanted one of my own! he did such a good job on the details...look at the eyes...
this is a beautiful jewelry box that he made! he also made a similar one for my brother!
and these he made for my mom...he used that beautiful tiger maple again. he made her two cheese plates and then also made handles for different cheese knives...everything turned out so nicely! love it all!

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