Wednesday, January 12, 2011


i saw this the other day on one of the many martha stewart blogs and i thought it was a simple idea. and since i hadn't gotten a new 2011 wall calendar, i thought i would give it a try! i made mine with a few slightly different supplies...instead of spray painting masonite board, i just used white foam core, and i also used ribbon instead of the paper tape (though i wish i had used the tape - it probably would have made this go a lot faster, but my tape order hadn't come in yet!) oh and i also just recently bought some calendar stamps, so i thought i would use them some too...except there aren't many holidays in january... but i am sure throughout the year i will be able to use them more!
(and sorry these photos aren't that wonderful - it started to get dark as i was working on this, so i just took a few quick photos as i went along to show my process)

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