Wednesday, July 14, 2010

girl scouts.

i saw over on brand new that the girl scouts decided to re-vamp their image and branding. i will let you look at it first and then tell you how i feel about it...
so...i am kinda split between liking it and not. i am not really in love with the changes they made to the trefoil...i agree that the old one did make the girl look older, but i don't think that just adding bangs and a pointier nose make them actually look like children...i do really like the other re-branding they did - especially the fun things they did for the letter heads and business cards - that definitely makes it much more fun! i also like the color updates and font changes...


  1. Yes I agree, I'm not sure if the change to their logo was necessary but I love the new patterns on the business cards and print ads remind me of a juniors American Apparel campaign. :)