Saturday, July 24, 2010

birthday wishes.

tomorrow is my good friends birthday - happy birthday jaw!! but since we are celebrating it today, i thought i would share with you some things i made for her birthday! first off is her b-day card...i love this new cupcake stamp that i recently found - for a $1 no less!
and secondly is this birthday bag that i made for her out of newspaper! i found a tutorial for how to make this the other day over on a blog i read regularly and i thought that this was the perfect opportunity to try it out! i think it turned out pretty well - the only thing i think i would have done differently would be to attach the eyelets before i finished assembling the bag only because it was a little tricky to hammer the eyelets down without messing up the bag. but otherwise i think this project was pretty successful!

1 comment:

  1. loooooove the comics bag! love it. seriously. I'm going to make one of those, thanks molly..!