Friday, May 1, 2009

paper cuts.

i really enjoy special projects made out of paper (also see this previous post)...and i found another artist who does some really neat stuff with it.

she mainly does typographic cut outs (like the first image i have below), but i actually enjoy the images she does better, especially the one she did of a french chalet - though they are all pretty incredible. this must require a great deal of patience and precision...i know i have had a lot of trouble with exacto knives in the past. sometimes they can be really helpful and other times they completely mess up my project (i mean that just might be that i have trouble using them...but i think it is also the knife!). this must take a lot of planning because i would be so scared of messing up...but i think the end result is beautiful.

these are all made by julene and here is a link to her website - there aren't too many projects posted because i am sure they take forever to do! but hopefully she will post some more in the future because they are really neat.

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