Wednesday, April 29, 2009


recently i have become really interested, okay slightly obsessed, with changing my desktop wallpapers on my computer (i know - it's kinda random). i don't know whether it is because i just get easily bored looking at the same thing or if it is that i like the challenge of finding new backgrounds on the computer. and this can be pretty challenging sometimes because if you search for wallpapers online, you get a bunch of these crappy websites with images of puppies or nude women - not really what i want on my desktop.

anyway, recently i have come across a bunch of different backgrounds one way or another. so i thought i would post some of my favorites so you can also enjoy the background fun - even if you don't change them nearly as often as i do!

i love these illustrated backgrounds, designed by maxim dalton

this one is just fun and seasonal, plus they offer a new background each month with a calendar of that specific month, designed by cecily ink

i am really loving these animal ones right now too, especially the ones above, but they also have some other nice ones with crabs, lions, and pumpkins...designed by pushmepullyoudesign


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