Tuesday, April 28, 2009


soooo i know i have been seriously slacking, but now that i am officially done school, i hopefully will have more time to find some great design!

to start back up, i found some really great packaging designs. these are a bunch of random images, but they are some really neat designs. i have always been interested in packaging design - that is something that my school has never really focused on, at least i have never had an assignment about it. but its fun to see whats out there.

chinese tea box designed by carlo giovani

paint can packaging (each can is designed to match the color of jeans that fit inside - lots of fun colors for spring!) designed by levis

overall these package designs really aren't super special, but i included them because i love how the words create each specific product the package is selling, student work from fit

teastar - each spike of the star holds a different tea bag, unsure of the designer but it comes from the u.k.

milk cartons - i don't know exactly what it is about these containers, but i love them...perhaps its the fact that they brought some color to plain old milk, designed by david fung

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