Friday, May 6, 2011

nuts and bolts.

so my friend ms and i both saw this diy project awhile ago...and finally got around to making them the other night. and if i do say so myself, they turned out awesome! we saw this hex nut bracelet on pinterest...all you need are some different colored strings (we used heavy duty yarn) and some hex bolts from the hardware store. i personally don't look good in gold, so i went with the standard silver color...but ms decided to buy some that were gold colored and they looked pretty sweet as well! here is where we found the instructions ---- here! they were super simple to make (as long as you know how to braid) the only part that took me a little bit of time was to get the nuts to stay nice and tight, but once you figure it out you can breeze through it the next time! below are some pics of the ones i made...i am very excited to wear them!

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