Sunday, September 26, 2010

craft fair.

hello! so sorry i have been mia the past few days...i have been beyond busy and today is the first day in about a week that i have had a chance to sit down and relax! one of the things i have been busy with was preparing for my first craft show! i am really trying to start to sell my cards, so i am trying to get more into the craft fair scene - but it is an extreme amount of work! it was definitely a good experience in knowing what all i need to do before a show...but overall this fair wasn't as successful as i had was a pet fair that had vendors and things but no one really seemed interested in buying anything - and i don't just mean from me...but you have to start somewhere right! i am going to be doing another one this coming i am hoping to learn more from every show that i go to! i do have a couple photos to share of my booth though!
this photo didn't turn out that great because of all the shadows, but i was so grateful to be in the shade that day since it was over 90 degrees...which is ironic because now a day later i happen to be sitting here freezing...such weird weather we have been having recently!
isn't that card stand cool? i had asked my dad to help me make something to hold up my cards and this is what he whipped up for me! it was prefect and i think it looks fantastic!!
so at least now i feel more prepared for next week! oh and if you happen to be on facebook...i have created a page for my check it out!

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