Tuesday, June 15, 2010

berry tarts.

the other morning i saw this beautiful photo of a berry tart and it looked sooo yummy that i decided to make my own - since the recipe was provided by the blog tartelette! (you can find the recipe here if you also feel like making these beautiful tarts!)
before i start with my own photos i need to mention that these photos are really not that wonderful because a. they are not complete (i didn't think about documenting this for my blog until i was already half done) and b. because i was on a tight time frame and quickly took the photos...but at least you get a sense of the process!
i had already made the dough...so to bake the crust you have to bake it with weights (dry beans) on the dough to keep it from bubbling...
and the crust is complete!
i had to roll out more dough to make the strips for on top of the tart.
then i filled them with fresh raspberries and blackberries...along with some sugar and ginger!
then i topped them with the strips...i would have done a criss cross pattern but i was starting to lose my patience with these haha so i just laid the strips over top.
and then they were baked to perfection :)
overall i am very happy with how they turned out - the berries were very tasty! i have never made a "pie" crust before so that part was a little tricky...if you add too much liquid the crust becomes tough. the crust was very good - well at least for my first time hahaha they tasted good...but i have decided that tarts look prettier than they taste...what i mean by that is that i would much rather of had a piece of pie since there is definitely more flavor in a pie...but i just wanted to experiment!

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