Tuesday, September 8, 2009


recently i have become very interested in cake design. this is most likely the result of the recent outburst of cake television shows...like my favorite...ace of cakes! they have some amazing cakes and i find it to be another way to show someone's creativity.

this is why for my birthday i had asked for a cake decoration book so i could start to learn the basics, especially the basics of fondant - which i have never used before. this past weekend i decided to spend my day off playing with cakes!

well really only two cakes - i now have newfound respect for these cake shows, especially the cake challenge shows, because it takes such a long time! and i am sure it is mainly because i am inexperienced...so hopefully i will get better in time! while they are both extremely simple cakes i really just wanted to learn how the fondant works and exactly what i needed to do.

so hopefully this fall i will have time to work on some more intense cakes...but for now...here are some pics!

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